Friday, November 18, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

Minna san~ KON-BA-WA!!! Mosh mosh~ *waves*
Chidori is here again. *Haii!* And today, I wish to tell you guys about a story about a 'little girl'. But before that, gomen nasai ne...I didn't update my blog for succccccch a long time. Wasurarenai (kononnyer)..

*Bengang* Is that anyway to talk to your Ojou sama, hah?
Anyway, let's us begin with the story part. Ehem..
Once upon a time, there was a girl. Who lived in a small town. She lived happily with her precious family. One fine day, she woke up from her beauty sleep and saw a bright sky outside. She suddenly remember something super important. "Today's my birthday!" She said with deep voice.
Many people prayed for her blessing that day. Many wished her happiness. All the fine wishes that she get makes her smiled all day long. And that afternoon, she met her Onni chan, who is not feeling too well.
He then asked her about the only thing that she want. "A magic V" She said.
After the Onni chan heard that, he went to a mall with his friend to search for that particular magic V for her sister birthday. He found it after sooooo much hard work and bought it for her.
So the birthday girl received her magic V and was so happy until her hand are shacking when she touched it for the first time. She then named the Magic V as..., "Ayane, which carry the meaning of, Colorful Sound. May you produce the most beautiful sound in the world."
And they lived happily with the magic V, called Ayane. The End ^___^
That's all. The story ends.
That is the story that I want to tell you people and I wanna say this. Last two days was my 18th birthday. And it turned out to be a blast. Love it.
However, the question is, am I the girl with the 'Magic V'? And what is this so called 'Magic V' anyway?
Hahaha~ Just joking of course..Mada Mada Dane *grin*
Chidori memang dapat hadiah untuk birthday yg ke 18. Dari Otou san, Okka san and Onni tan. It's a gift from all of them which I will treasure it with my whole heart.
And I also ant to make another promise...
Chidori perlukan masa utk 'kawal' hadiah tu. And one day, if I manage to master the gift, I will upload the picture in this blog for minna san. Yakusoku!

Until that day, jaa neh! XD