Friday, November 8, 2013

The Crown Siblings

Konbawa Minna. It's 1.56 am. Yeah! I know..It's bed time. But before I slams my face to the pillow, there is something that I want to draw and this is the result of 4 hours work. Its still incomplete, of course. Yes people, I'm slow when it comes to digital art. (-.-) What to do, I'm still learning. Anyway, the boy is Viridian Crown and the girl is Carminie Crown. Both of them are siblings and Carminie is 12 years younger than Viridian. Both of them are my OC (Original character) Both of them are super....cute! Viridian is all protective and Carminie is super soft. Adorable! Just adorable!! Okay, let's go to bed because my neck hurts like hell!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sketch Currently in Progress:The Forgotten King.

A work in progress. I haven't post anything for a year (Wow, fantastic baby!) So yeah. This is something that I want to actually post.