Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's Time Again...*sigh*

Konichiwa minna san~ Mosh mosh!
Chidori is back!!! Again after so long.
Sekarang, cuti sem Chidori selama tiga bulan dah pun habis. Means it's time for me to return to IIUM and hit the books once again. Yes, again! I'm dead! Dead! Dead! Nyiiiii!!!

It's time for me to say good bye to anime for four months and suffer. Sayonara Anime chan! Sayonara Animax..*tears tears*

Anyway, I will return to IIUM again. Such a pain.
4 months away from my precious house and I have to study soo hard. I have to face my forever enemy once again and that is, the Evil Exam Papers. Nyii..
Honestly, everyone that I know always hated and fear exam. Not even once I found someone who said,
"I'm waiting for the next Test or Exam so that I can test everything that I've learn so far"
Poor Mr Exam. He's being hated by everyone. I can only think one reason for it. Mr Evil Exam Papers are just too scary!! *shiver*

What's that evil smrik for, huh? Don't play games with me!
Anyway, I've started to pack my stuff (bit by bit). It such a pain doing that cause it means I have to leave Kuantan and my home once again. I just started to feel super cosy at home and now I have to move to the annoying hostel.

Plus, IIUM PJ is so small compare to IIUM Nilai. Guess I will become sardine in 4 months time. Leaving and such a cramped place. Atashiwa sore o shinjite inai!
Well, since now it's time to start my studies again, I guess my schedule is back to normal again. In the morning I have to wake up early (which is something that I'mnot good at)

I wish that I can wake up in the morning and look that cute however this is what I usually look like when I wake up every weekdays

The first things that come out from my mouth is, "Eeep!! I'm late! Is the alarm on my
phone working properly?! I got class today!!" and rush to the bathroom.

And then,I went to class, giving my 100% attention to 'everything'

Even the smallest things.
Then after classes end, go back to the hostel and rest, eat dinner

Next, finished all the assignment (>_<)

Lastly, go to bed (something that I enjoy doing)

But, before I go to bed, or before I even start to study, there is something else that I always do..hehehehehehe...

Yup. That's me. With a cup of hot tea or hot milk, classic music or Japanese songs and a good on9 manga. Haha. Good way to kill your time! (Ayat orang malas study)
So, I shall take my leave! It's time to start study again. Huh~I'm gonna miss Kuantan. I'm gonna miss my family, Okka san! Otou san! Onni tan! I wan't my holiday break to be longer!!Plus my room, cosy bed, fluffy pillow, warm blanket and my sweet home. *Tears tears*
What I will miss the most, is my mother's dishes! Nyaaaa!!

When I'm at KL, I refused to eat anything that can remind me to Kuantan. That's why I started to force myself and eat a lot of bread. Now I'm sick of it. No more bread please...
Let's eat sushi then! (Alasan)
Well, let's hope yang sem ni bawak banyak good luck pada Chidori especially about my study. I'll also try and update my blog more often. Until then, jaa neh! (^_^) (''')