Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kringgg! Reading time!!

Mosh mosh minna san!
I'm back! Yup~ B-A-C-K-!!! XD
And now, Chidori nak cerita about a novel that I just bought today! *chiang chiang*
Novel? Novel? What happened to Anime?
Actually, I always love to read books and my hobby is reading. Tapi, Chidori selalu baca buku novel-novel Melayu saja cause my future dream is to be a novelist. And I have no interest at all to read English novels. Not that I never read one, but I always preferred Malay Novel.
However, my dear tomodachi, said to me once, "Hey Chidori, how come you only read Malay novel? You should read English novel. Since you wanna be a novelist and all. Plus, you took BENL as your course. You can write in English!"
And I was like..".....huh? Write novel in English?"
That idea somehow never crossed my mind. I find it totally crazy that my friend said that I can write an English. Puff! With all the errors and all. Even when I tried to speak English fluently, it just turn out to sound sooo weird~ (0.0)
Then somehow, I started to read English novels (sbb azam tahun baru 2012 ialah utk baca sebanyak buku yg boleh) and I found it very...very..very interesting!
So, I'm gonna suggest a few novels for beginners (like me who read less English Novelbut want to read it).
1)The Charmed Series.

Can't say I read all of them. Actually I stopped after I read 4 or 5 series cause I know the plot already. Spoiler!
2)Still Alice By Lisa Genova

This book is nice. It's kinda sad, but I always preferred not to waste my tears.Not cause this book is no good or not sad enough but I always has a strong heart! :)
Next, you can say that right now, I'm addicted to this novel. I picked up this book and it's hard for me to put it down.
3)Switched, Torn and Ascend by Amanda Hocking.

It's a Trylle story. A magical, adventure, romance story. It has drug!
I just bought the second series of Trylle story and it called,

The last series of Trylle story is called

Novel ni tak keluar lagi so I'm still waiting. But for now, lets just enjoy Switched and Torn! Until then, Jaa neh!!

p/s lets all read tons and tons and tons of book so that we all can be R.O.D The T.V!