Friday, October 8, 2010

Chidori is Back..~Finally..

Konbawa Minna san.
Chidori is back again. Lepas dah berminggu-minggu berperang dengan an evil aura called 'The SPM TRIAL Exam.' 16 belas hari yang menyeksakan.

"Come to me Mr Trial and I'll send you to the other world in a second!"
Haha. That's the clue. Lepas aja Hari Raya, Chidori terus ambil exam SPM Trail. Examnyer sangat-sangat susah. It's unreal! *drop dead*
Ada tiga paper yang hampir membuatkan Chidori and my classmate cried for mercy. Not sure to who will we cried for. The paper or the teachers.XD
1-Ekonomi Asas.
2-Prinsip Perakaunan.
Chidori pulak, right after I finished my English paper 1, I went to the washroom and looked at the mirror and said "I totally messed up the paper! Argh!!"
It may just be my luck however I got an A's for the paper. (A- actually..)
So, lepas 16 hari merana *faint* Chidori berjaya habiskan exam Trail tu. Sekarang, Chidori boleh rehat sekejap and sambung study for SPM pulak.
So, Chidori pun curi-curi masa untuk update blog yang dah lama terbiar ni.. Gomen ne Daia No Hana chan.
Semalam, Chidori pergi ke Youtube and tengok apa yang best kat sana. At the end, I download a video of one of my most most most iichiban favourite song. Wanna watch it?

It's a cute song. The tittle is, Smile Ichiban Ii Onna (The Girl with the Best Smile)
It's so cute! The meaning is so cute! Miku kun is DEADLY adorable. When Bou played solo, Chidori was like..ARGH!!BOU!! Kawaii! Hountoni Kawaii!
He's so cute when he kicked the ballon off the stage.
*cough* That's enough. Macam tak ingat pulak pasal SPM.
So, that is all that I can say for now. Jaa neh, minna san!
The reason I put a sleepy anime this time is because, I didn't get much sleep when I took my Trial Exam. That goes the same for my dearest classmate.