Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cosplay No Jikan~

Minna san Konichiwa~
Chidori is back again~
This time, it's about cosplay. Cousin Chidori cakap, "Kakak ni masa cuti sekolah pun tak update blog.."
Walaupun cuti, Chidori busy taw~
So, just like what Tsukasa chan suggested, today's entry is about cosplay. So, it's Cosplay no Jikan~ (Cosplay Time)
*patchi patchi patchi*
Owh, opening pic kita pun cosplay. It's the world most fav anime character to cosplay, Kuchiki Rukia from Bleach. Great anime~
Okay, my first most real and adorable cosplay pic is, Saber from Fate/ Stay Night. If I ever become a cosplayer, Saber will be the first character that I will cosplay. I love her. Saber is the kind of girl that is cute but at the same time, very strong~ I love you Saber!!

This is Saber. The anime Saber.
This is the Saber that being cosplayed.

Okay, so, the look alike neh. So,this two pic are the normal Saber. Next is the Saber Alter or Dark Saber (Menakutkan~)

And this is the best pic of Saber Alter that I can find. Somehow, Chidori tengok, baju Saber Alter macam baju Maidkan? Betul tak?

Okay, so next is Saber Lily. She so cute and adorable. Always put up a smile for others.

Such kawaii~ Lain 100% daripada Saber Alter. Macamanalah diaorang boleh jadi orang yang sama?

Okay, next pic..Enough about Fate Stay Night and Saber. This is a character from the anime, Yu Yu Hakusho. It's the super hot (like a frozen sun), Kurama kun! (a.k.a Minamino Suichi)

Boleh ke matahari dibekukan? Oh, don't mind me. Ahem..

Next is from a very famous anime and the hero is like..supeeer sweeeet~
Syaoran Li kun from Card Captor Sakura~
He's my first and forever crush.

Sekarang, Sakura Kinomoto, also from Card Captor Sakura.

Chang~ Kawaii neh?

Okay, next is Syaoran and Sakura from a different anime, Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle.

So, let me say one thing. Gambar or the anime Tsubasa Chronicle itself, selalunya ada unsur2 fesyen yang sangat-sangat pelik or yang Chidori tahu, namanya fantasy fesyen. So it's not easy to cosplay this anime.
Tiga orang cosplayer yang kat dalam gambar tu, well, they did a good job because diaorg boleh detailkan semua corak or whatever yang ada pada mentel yang Syaoran pakai also semua hiasan yang Sakura ada. Trust me, read or watch this anime, and you'll see how 'full of fantasy' fesyen yang diaorang gunakan. Mungkin sebab plot cerita tu sendiri.
Okay, let's move on. Next ialah Yuuki Cross from the anime, Vampire Knight.

I hate Yuuki san because she stole Zero away from me~ *sad*

However, my hatred towards her, has nothing to do with this entry so let's just skip her. *evil grin*
Next is Kuran Kaname, also from the same anime, Vampire Knight.

Very cute vampire indeed.

Lastly, the one and only Vampire Hunter, Zero Kiryuu. Sorry sebab Chidori tak jumpa gambar Ichiru Kiryuu.
My dear Zero kun.

So adorable. I'll go "oh oh" everytime I see him.

See, it's the vampire Zero. So cute.
Zero is a trully bishonen!
Okay so, that's the end of this entry. Hope you guys enjoy the pic, as much as I do.
Until next time, minna san. Jaa neh~


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