Sunday, August 8, 2010

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru (In The Old Days!)

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru always do this..(What should I say eh..)brotherhood fight. Is that one way for them to show thier love? Or there's something that once hapen in the past that makes Inuyasha mad and Sesshomaru pissed off..?
Atcually,there's a story between this long-lasting fight..

One day,Inuyasha called upon Sesshomaru's name and walked towards him. "Big brother, lets play together."
"And what do you wish to play with me?" Sesshomaru asked with a gentle voice.
"I want to show you my drawing!"
"Okay," Sesshomaru pated Inuyasha's head. "Let's have a drawing compettion"
And so, they begin. They started with one hour total. And after one hour, Inuyasha finished his work and the same goes for Sessomaru.
Inuyasha draw a picture of Train Heartnett form the anime Black Cat.

And Sesshomaru draw a picture of Kurama fromthe anime, Yu Yu Hakusho.

Of course, Sesshomaru won in the game. Inuyasha, did not happy with the result.
"That is not fair! You cheated! You are a liar, Big Brother!"
"Aren't you full of malice. I've won. Stay Inuyasha!" Sesshomaru replied.

"I'll show you what malice is, 'rotten brother'!"

"You dare talk to me like that, half-bree?!"

And that is how the battle started. The battle keeps on going for 50 years until the Shikon No Tama is destroy. It's that all the reason? The End.

p/s Chidori baru aja lepas exam. So agak blurr nak cerita apa..