Friday, May 27, 2011

Chidori said...

Chidori is here again. Chiang! Chiang! Dah pukul 1:22 am pown. I'm still not so sleepy.

I know Sebastian..
And now, it's time. Chidori kena sambung study lepas dah lama sgt melepak sejak SPM Kan Ketsu Hen has ended almost six month ago. Chidori dah dpt UIA offer so that is where I'm going. Lepas ni, tak dapatlah slalu dgn tomodachi yang best giler2 that is, Shiadefu chan, Qielafie chan, Lola chan, Hikaru chan, and also Tsukasa chan.
I have to say good bye to everything. Good bye my dear warm bed, good bye my precious room, good bye Lucky and Boy also Pony. Good bye dear fish..
Sayonara anime and manga.... :'

Everyone: *sweetdrop*
You are such a big meanie Sasuke! *angry* Now you did it! You are....!!!

...melting my heart with your grin..*blush* -///-"
Anyway, it's true that I'm going to UIA. It's also means sayonara to a few things. Lepas ni, kalau Chidori lambat update blog, sorry le~ Baru nak biasakan diri duduk jauh dr family..*sobs*
But, I don't really like the word 'Sayonara'. We will meet again one day~ Bila semua benda dah settel down, Chidori mesti update blog lagi. Minna san,doakan semuanya ok untuk Chidori.Harap-harap Chidori tak bnyak main2 bila jauh dari Okka san, Otou san and Onni tan. Until then, we have to say, Jaa neh! It's time for us to go different path..
*Grab Sasuke's hand* You are coming with me!
"Why me?" Sasuke reply with a wierd face.