Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Day Of School!

Just sekadar post untuk suka-suka. Dah lama sangat tak update blog~

Today is the first day for all of this anime character..

Pete: Tazusa..Even if tomorrow, I will gone forever, With you smiling by my side..I don't need anything else..
Tazusa: Owh Pete Pumps...I don't know what to say..

Raito kun: I know..Shut up! I'm trying to study!

L Ryuzaki: You don't really have to study on the first day of school right Light kun?
Raito kun: If only I know your real name L, I will write your name down in the Death Note. You are so annoying..
L Ryuzaki: Make sure to write it like this..'L Ryuzaki Heart Failure Die in sleep in 23 days' so it wont be so hurt..

Inuyasha:Sesshomaru! Give me that..
Sesshomaru: Bleukk..
*So, Inuyasha yang kawaii startz crying..*
Kagome: Now!now Inuyasha..Stop crying..

Inuyasha:*blinks and face goes red like a tomatoes*
(Chidori: Grrr..)
Kagome: Let's do something else this one!*smile*

Inuyasha: Dont wanna!
Kagome: SIT!!

Inuyasha: Why..? *sobs*

At the other side, Sasuhina is watching their classmate with silents..


Sasuke: Hmm..?
Hinata: What are they doing?
Sasuke: Dunno. In this class, all of them are baka..Including Raito Yagami!
Raito heard what Sasuke said so..He opens the Death Note and start writing..

Sasuke Uchiha
Heart Failure..


Sasuke dies 40 minute after that..Near walk up to Raito and pats his head..(whatttt?)

Near: That's it! I know for sure that your the one!You are Kira!
Raito: Owh no! I'm dead now..fufu~
L Ryuzaki: Hmm..Yeah..Just give the Death Note to me and you'll be free to go Light kun. *starts eating sweet stuff again*
Raito: Here..*give L the book* bye..
L Ryuzaki: Inuyasha! You may eat this thing..*look at Inuyasha and suprise..*

L Ryuzaki: Inuyasha..and Sesshomaru..
Sesshomaru: What? He is my little brother!*Take out Tensaiga*..or you want me to help you forget what you saw today..?
*L Ryuzaki blinks. The bell rings and it's time to go home. So all of them pack up and went home with smile..*

That's all.. Just untuk merepek ajer sebenarnya..Tak ada jalan cerita atau aperpown..~


lyd said...

udah2 la ngan anime syg..
p baca buku..
gambate utk spm ...
nanti kalau dapat result best kok li beli hadiah ehh..
tapi kurang2 4A ke atas lor...